RPX Token Listing

Good news for RPX investors. Kucoin will be the first exchange to list Red Pulse RPX token. Kucoin will be listing RPX in the RPX/BTC and RPX/ETH markets. There were unconfirmed reports earlier on that Binance would be the first exchange to list Red Pulse.

According to the official Red Pulse email, users will be able to start depositing their RPX to Kucoin exchange at 12 pm (UTC+8) on 26th October 2017 while the trading will begin at 8 pm (UTC+8) on 28th October 2017.

A lot of people who invested in Red Pulse RPX ICO are very angry at this announcement. They say that Red Pulse promised that RPX will soon be listed on Binance after the end of ICO but that didn’t happen. And that this action puts Red Pulse in a very shady position. But if you ask me, such allegations towards Red Pulse will create nothing but FUD. Red Pulse did say in one of their tweets that Binance will list RPX soon after the completion of ICO but they didn’t give any timeframe.

A little background about Kucoin. Kucoin was founded by a group of blockchain enthusiasts. Its aim is to provide a digital asset transaction and exchange platform to its users. A platform that is safe and convenient for both buyers and sellers.

kucoin exchange

Kucoin is a fairly small exchange with a 24-hour trading volume of 80 BTC that roughly equals to about USD 480,000. I am pretty sure that at this volume, not many investors would look into dumping their RPX tokens on the exchange. However, if you are looking for day-trading RPX or want to sell a small percentage of your RPX portfolio, I think Kucoin will be a good place for it.

Kucoin to Open NEO Market

Kucoin has also announced that they are going to open NEO market on 28th October, 2017. This makes Kucoin the first exchange to offer NEO coin as quote currency. The two pairs that will be introduced first in the NEO market will be RPX/NEO and GAS/NEO.

Why Kucoin is The First Exchange to List RPX?

On October 28, 2017, Kucoin will be the first exchange that will list RPX for trading. There are a number of reasons why Kucoin was chosen to be the first exchange to list Red Pulse RPX token. After digging a little, I found some information regarding Kucoin. Kucoin is not banned in China. This means that people in the China market can buy Red Pulse RPX token from Kucoin. The Red Pulse RPX token sale was not open to United States, Mainland China, or Singapore citizens. This makes Kucoin a good place for Chinese investors to start. US and Singapore investors can buy too but the main focus here is on the Chinese market.

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