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Etherparty provides everyone with a platform to write smart contracts across multiple blockchains. You don’t need to know any programming language to write smart contracts. Today, we are going to do Etherparty FUEL ICO review.


Etherparty is a child company or a product of Vanbex. The Vanbex team includes a number of blockchain experts and analysts. Few of their clients include DASH, Factom, Ribbit etc.

Ethereum Smart Contract Etherparty

After going through their whitepaper and website, I’ve noticed few things about them

  • They are offering support for smart contracts across multiple blockchains.
  • Users of Etherparty don’t need to sync with Ethereum network to write and execute their smart contracts.
  • They have a tiered subscription model that is good to generate constant income.
  • They have introduced FUEL token for everyone who wishes to use their platform to write smart contracts.

Etherparty Team

Etherparty team consists of some of the most experienced persons in the blockchain industry. The Bitcoin Wonder Woman, Lisa Cheng, is the Co-Founder of Etherparty. She has been involved in major Bitcoin projects including Gems, Coinkite, FACTOM etc.

Kevin Hobbs, CEO and Co-Founder of Etherparty, has over a decade of management experience in different professional fields. He has worked in organizations that use both B2B and B2C approaches.

There are many other team members with exceptional professional background and experience. This was the first thing that attracted me to investing in Etherparty FUEL ICO.

Etherparty FUEL Information

  • Total Supply of FUEL token is 1 billion ( 1,000,000,000).
  • Pre-sale Supply of FUEL token is 40% (400,000,000), which is sold-out.
  • ICO Supply of FUEL token is 40% (400,000,000) as well (ICO still going on).
  • 100 million FUEL tokens are reserved for different incentives like bounties or bug hunting etc.
  • 50 million FUEL tokens are for the Etherparty team.
  • 50 million FUEL tokens will be sold on the Etherparty platform at $1 per FUEL token.
  • FUEL token hard-cap is set to 800 million.

Etherparty FUEL Pre-Sale

Etherparty FUEL token pre-sale was sold-out before September 15th, 2017. According to Etherparty, people from over 100 countries contributed in FUEL token pre-sale. I am one of the people who contributed in Etherparty FUEL pre-sale. And I’ll discuss why I invested in it later.

Etherparty FUEL ICO

ICO Contribution EtherParty

Etherparty FUEL token ICO is currently live and you get 33% bonus if you contribute 1 Ethereum (ETH) before October 21st. After that, the bonus is reduced further till the ICO ends on October 29th.

Why Etherparty FUEL ICO is Worth Investing In?

We have seen thousands of ICOs since the start of this year but only a handful of them are actually worth investing. And I think that Etherparty FUEL ICO is among the ones that are going to stand out once the ICO storm settles down in a few months.

I am a very safe investor. If I see even the slightest of information that is shady or doesn’t fit right, I back off.

For instance, there was an ICO going on in September, EtherBTC. People on different forums and on Reddit were talking about it. I googled ETherBTC and found something that immediately gave me a false signal about it.  When I typed etherbtc in google, it didn’t show the main site’s description because there’s some problem with its robots.txt file. A rookie mistake to be honest.

Secondly, the popups that they are showing “xyz user just purchased xyz etherbtc 15 hours ago” is fake. I know this for a fact because I did a similar thing with one of the products for which I was developing a website. My job was to show a random popup after every 15 seconds to 1 minute that someone bought a product.

These two false flags were enough for me to back out. I didn’t even bother to look at their team or product or the potential use-case of the token.

The Positives About Etherparty FUEL Token ICO

Following is my short analysis about Etherparty FUEL ICO.

  • Etherparty parent company, Vanbex, already have many high-profile clients.
  • Vanbex will give Etherparty an advantage due to its already-established clientele and reputation. It can boost Etherparty dealings with new clients a lot.
  • The team behind Etherparty is great. It portraits both confidence and professional experience.
  • They have an actual working product rather than just an idea or a prototype of the end-product.
  • They are targeting not just Ethereum but all blockchains. Their main competitor, BlockCAT, is only targeting Ethereum blockchain.
  • I am one of the beta testers of their product and I must say that they have done a pretty decent job at making it easy for end-user to create smart contracts of any kind.

Creating a token with the “Early” Etherparty Beta


Final Verdict

I think that Etherparty FUEL ICO is one of the most promising ICOs that is currently going on. You might think that 1 billion token supply is a lot. But if you take a closer look, Etherparty is basically trying to capture the enterprise market where big firms will create thousands of smart contracts, thus requiring millions of FUEL tokens.

I always say that HODL your investments and you will be rewarded. In case of Etherparty, due to its high supply of tokens, I don’t see massive gains in short-term. However, once it hits the exchanges and the demand increases, long-term, FUEL token has the potential to reach a price of above $1. I’ve invested 30% of my portfolio money in Etherparty because I believe in them.


Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and unstable. Any suggestion or recommendation I make is solely based on my own assumption and facts that I've researched. You should invest at your own risk. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

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